Royal Technologies Limited is a registered company under the provisions of South Sudan Company Act 2012, Royal Technologies Limited is an important catalyst for science and technology development in East Africa (South Sudan) and many leading local, national and international science and technology companies are based there. Royal Technologies Limited enjoys an international reputation as a leader in the establishment and management of science and technology parks.

Royal Technologies Limited is Private South Sudan national company with initiative to:

 Supports emerging and small local companies aiming and organisations to develop and implement our technology based products and services

 Encourages active collaboration between the private and public sector

 Attracts international technology focused companies and research organisations to locate their operations to south Sudan.

 Promotes commercialization of research and development within universities and the public and private sector through contacting IT certification trainings.

 Creates and maintains international and national strategic links for future joint project opportunities.

 Supports and promote Superior IT service delivery in south Sudan and neighboring countries.

 Provide an excellent and expertise through consultancy services in ICT context.

 Be recognized as a leader in technology and/or product innovation .

Training solutions
Website development, hosting and domain registration
Networking and IT infrastructure Setup
consultation services
IT Certification
IT Proffessional certification
data center
Datacenter setup and Maintenance