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Windows server 2019 is out

Hybrid at its core. Secure by design. With cloud application innovation and hyper-converged infrastructure built into the platform, backed by the world’s most trusted cloud, Azure, Microsoft presents Windows Server 2019. In this session Jeff Woolsey – Principal Program Manager – dives into the details of what makes Windows Server 2019 an exciting platform for […]

The Future of Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM has evolved over the years to address shifts in how apps are built, delivered, and accessed. Not since the cloud has there been a need for APM to leap forward – until now. APM is evolving into a 3rd generation digital experience management solution. It’s bigger, smarter, and more integrated with other IT and business […]

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Technology Update and News  TROJAN USES ETERNALBLUE TO INSTALL CRYPTOMINER October 12, 2018 Interest in cryptocurrencies has not wavered despite a period of sinking market values. Cybercriminals are still ramping up efforts to obtain Blockchain assets in the hopes that their values could spike back up again in the future. While ransomware is still around, […]