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Mubarak Weds Sharifah

Royal Technologies Limited Mubarak Weds Sharifah


Six years ago, I never realized what an incredible journey we were embarking upon together. I never would have believed that the 19 year old girl, shy and weak emotionally would grow into the strong, beautiful , hardworking, and loving woman that will be waiting for me at the altar.

I love that over the past seven years, I have never faced life’s challenges without your unconditional love. Even on the days when I have struggled, when the future seemed uncertain, not once did I have to walk alone.

Six years of joyous success and heartbreaking loss, of moving the world in search for a living and back again, of graduating from same college though different years. Six years of growing up, but never growing apart. Of conquering all that life put in our way, day by day, we grew together.

Huey, you are the reason that I fight so incredibly hard to be the best person that I can be. You give me a reason to make every single day even better than the last. You have shown me what it means to live and love, to give of my heart fully, to wake up every morning with the hope of helping others.

You are my soulmate. My other half. The piece of my heart that I never knew was missing.

You have breathed life and inspiration into this little piece of  the universe, my world, and have helped me to grow into the woman that I am today.

Tomorrow is the day we will reminisce about as our hair turns grey and the wrinkles crowd the spaces on our cheeks. With grace and wisdom, I know I will look back on this day as the beginning of a journey – challenging at times, but an incredible journey nonetheless. And even as my memories fade, as the moments of my younger life seem farther behind me, I promise to never forget this day, our wedding day.

I promise to inspire you the way you have always inspired me, to lift you up when you falter, to bring you coffee in bed and kiss your cheeks when they are stained with the tears of hardship and the tears of happiness.

I promise to be the best friend, the secret keeper, the laugher-till-you-cryer that you have come to love over these past seven years. You are my everything and I can’t wait to call you my husband.

With Love, Hugs, Kisses… And the promise of a lifetime together.

Your Future Husband,